10 PACK – Why Am I Here?


Written by Devin Roush

This book examines what the Bible teaches about our purpose in life and why we can trust the Bible to provide the answer.

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Why am I here?

All of us have asked this question. We search for meaning. We seek for a purpose. We want to have something worth living for.

How can we find it?

The Bible provides us with the answers we are seeking. It reveals where we came from, why we exist, and where we are going.

Can we trust the Bible?

The material in this short volume is designed to demonstrate the trustworthiness of the book we call the Bible and explain, in easy to understand language, what the Bible’s message is for us. It is filled with fascinating facts and questions to challenge your thinking. Have a Bible handy as you read and may God bless you in your search for the truth.

Additional Information:

Type: Paperback, perfect bound
Page count: 64 pages
Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″
ISBN: 978-1-942036-27-2