AUTHOR BUNDLE: Books by David Lipscomb


Books by David Lipscomb:

  • Civil Government: Its Origin, Mission, and Destiny, and the Christian’s Relation to It
  • Christian Unity: How Promoted, How Destroyed, Faith and Opinion

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In Civil Government, Lipscomb challenged the views of many brethren in his day regarding human government and the Christian’s relationship to it. He saw brethren dividing over various issues – including the American Civil War – and appealed for unity among brethren in the kingdom of God. This material was originally published in the Gospel Advocate in 1866-1867. As it did then, Lipscomb’s teaching on this topic will challenge the popularly held views of brethren today and is worthy of careful consideration.

In Christian Unity, Lipscomb addressed the problem of division in the church and how it was caused by Christians believing their own opinions were equal to or greater than the word of God. This material examines the New Testament and the teachings of early Restoration Movement figures to contrast the difference between faith and opinion. The updated edition also includes Lipscomb’s comments on Romans 14 and Ephesians 4:1-6.