Now Concerning the Collection: A Study of Giving (ebook)


Written by Andy Sochor

This is an ebook available in Amazon’s Kindle format.


The collection taken up by a local church is a subject that is often simply mentioned in passing or overlooked altogether. One reason for this is that many Christians already have a basic understanding of the subject, enabling them to carry out the practice without giving it much further thought.

Yet there is more to the collection than simply placing money in the basket as it is passed. There are several factors that we must consider: the nature of our giving (how it is different from tithing); the proper place of a church treasury (there are many who claim that a church treasury is unauthorized); the work of the church (this shows us what the collected funds may be used for); the fellowship implications of giving (it is vital that we know what we are supporting with our money); and the proper attitude and motive we are to have in our giving.

In this study, we will examine each of these points so that we might come to a better understanding of this subject. This will then help us to be able to give in such a way that will please God rather than merely going through the motions.


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