Regular Christians: The Importance of Each Member in the Body of Christ

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Written by Andy Sochor

This book contains twelve lessons from “regular Christians” found in the New Testament with discussion questions at the end of each chapter.




When we think of great examples of faith in the early church, we may think of men like the apostle Paul or the apostle John. But what about people like Dorcas, Tychicus, and Antipas? They were “regular” Christians who serve as examples for “regular” Christians like us today. Their examples remind us that each member of the body of Christ – including you – is important and capable of making significant contributions to the Lord’s work.

The book examines thirteen individuals divided into four categories:

  1. Regular Christians who used their talents – Dorcas, Philemon, Onesiphorus
  2. Regular Christians who encouraged their brethren – Barnabas, Aquila and Priscilla, Tychicus
  3. Regular Christians who endured hardship – Onesimus, Trophimus, Antipas
  4. Regular Christians who fell away – Demas, Diotrephes, John Mark

There are questions after the lessons to aid in personal and group Bible studies.

Additional Information (Print Version):

Type: Paperback, perfect bound
Page count: 78 pages
Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″
ISBN: 978-1-942036-40-1

3 reviews for Regular Christians: The Importance of Each Member in the Body of Christ

  1. Jeff Burnett

    Andy Sochor’s new book, Regular Christians, is tremendous! Reading this easy to understand, biblically sound material shows the importance of every member in the body of Christ. Regular Christians, from Andy’s powerful pen, should have a definite spot in every Christians library. In it, you will find people who from various backgrounds that made decisions for our benefit to learn from, whether good or bad. I encourage you to read this book and recognize the influence and usefulness you have in the kingdom of God (locally or universally) that is presented through out and get to work!

  2. Kristofer Gardana

    This short (74 page) treatise on minor New Testament individuals focuses on twelve individual Christians we might not give much attention to. With a few exceptions, most of these people are overlooked, but were included in the New Testament for a reason. The introduction sums it up:

    “…the New Testament does include examples of “regular” Christians – disciples like Dorcas, Tychicus, and Antipas – who were not apostles and in most cases would not be considered leaders in the church; yet what they did was significant. The Holy Spirit included them in the record of Scripture for a reason. They were “regular” Christians who serve as examples for “regular” Christians like us today.” (excerpt from page 2).

    This book was thoughtfully done and includes questions for each of the twelve chapters. It would be useful for individual home study or group Bible study.

    This book emphasizes that ‘regular’ Christians need not feel inadequate but can be useful in their own way. They can be involved and useful in the Lord’s church.

  3. Zeke Flores

    An advanced copy of Andy Sochor’s book “Regular Christians” was provided to me in return for a review. I was glad to get it, having purchased other material of his in the past. Andy’s a good writer and presents his material in a helpful down-to-earth way.
    Regular Christians is no different. It’s a simple treatise of twelve different first century followers of Christ. They’re not the most well known characters; they’re just, well, regular Christians. Andy finds a quality in each of these ancient people that are worth emulating, even if all we know of some of them is contained in just a handful of verses. For instance, Dorcas is commended for her consistency in doing acts of kindness. Philemon is credited for his willingness to use his possessions to help others. Tychicus, whom we know very little about, is noticed for his encouraging way of being a messenger for Paul. Even characters with less than stellar attributes, such as Diotrephes, get a mention and provide a helpful example for bettering our own character.
    Each short chapter contains a commendation of the person, some applications by which we can assimilate the same characteristic, and a few questions to stimulate our own thinking. The applications are practical and the questions are thoughtful.
    The book would make for an excellent small-group study or would work well in a larger Bible class setting. It’s helpful information presented in an easy-to-understand way. I recommend the book.

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