Social Issues: Learning about and Dealing with the Problems of the Present Age


Written by Andy Sochor

This book contains 13 lessons dealing with various issues facing our society today, including questions at the end of each lesson. It is available in print and digital formats.




Ever since the fall in the Garden of Eden, sin and temptation have plagued mankind. As long as the world stands, evil forces and destructive influences will surround us.

We continue to deal with problems related to sin and temptation – both individually and collectively – but the specific issues that rise to prominence will vary from generation to generation. This material addresses some of the chief issues facing our present age – abortion, racism, drug abuse, social media, materialism, and more – by presenting explanations, statistics, and Bible principles. There are also questions at the end of each lesson in order to aid in both personal and group Bible studies.

The book contains the following lessons:

  1. Abortion
  2. Homosexuality
  3. Transgenderism
  4. Gender Roles
  5. Racism
  6. Drug Abuse
  7. Atheism/Humanism
  8. Nationalism
  9. Socialism
  10. Technology
  11. Social Media
  12. Busyness
  13. Materialism

There is also an additional section at the end of the book: How to Discuss Contentious Topics

As Christians, we need to understand the state of the world around us so that we can guard against its destructive influence and help lead others to the truth. Both young people and adults will benefit from a study of these issues.

Additional Information (Print Version):

Type: Paperback, perfect bound
Page count: 98 pages
Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″
ISBN: 978-1-942036-60-9


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