The Real Pharisees

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Written by Andy Sochor

This book examines the Pharisees of Jesus’ day to see why they were wrong and how we can avoid being like them today.


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It is common to hear the label of “Pharisee” used in a derogatory way against those who emphasize Bible authority, encourage careful obedience to the Lord’s instructions, and refuse to extend fellowship beyond the Scriptural limits. According to the common usage of the word, the term Pharisee is synonymous with legalist. This is the concept that many people have in mind when they use this label.

However, before we draw parallels between people today and the Pharisees in Jesus’ day, we need to understand the reasons why the Pharisees were wrong. By doing this, we can see who the real Pharisees are today. They are probably not who we would expect.

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4 reviews for The Real Pharisees

  1. Tiffany

    Looking for a thought-provoking study? This is it. The ideas presented give you the information you need to defend the word. Skillful writing serves to both get to the truth of the matter and make you ask yourself if you are following it. Very well done.

  2. Brady Cook

    I really liked this book. It’s well written and to the point, but most importantly shows the difference between what we think pharisees were and what they really were. People are so quick these days to throw around the “pharisee” label without really knowing what it means, and then try to condemn them in the same vein that Jesus condemned the Pharisees. This book shows the need to rethink that argument.

  3. Dan

    The author’s clear objective is to pull out and examine the mindset of the Pharisees of Jesus’ day. The outcome of this effort is to provide the reader with a lens in which to examine his own motives and heart.

    Using extensive quotations from the text of the Bible, the author well presents the voice of the Pharisees. Insight into their worldview helps one understand why their practices and aims were incorrect. Each chapter connects the Pharisees’ problems of practice and their ultimate problems of heart & motive. The questions at the end of each section were not simple “fill in the blank”, but encouraged the reader to seek the conclusions presented in the text.

    More than merely reciting what the Pharisees said and did, the author tries to challenge the reader to consider their own personal study and meditation of God’s law.

  4. Michael J. Davis

    I’ve never read a better treatise on the subject of the Pharisees; nor have I seen such plain teaching about the TRUTH of their mentality. This work is well done, commendable to all students and in my opinion, ESPECIALLY so toward teens and later Christians. It both warns to abstain from such actions (or inactions)of these pious ones, and condemns those who practice such error! Elders and preachers alike will find brother Sochor’s work quite helpful as they endeavor teaching other souls God’s truth!

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