The Third Birth of a Nation


Written by Samuel Robert Cassius

Originally published in 1925, this book discusses race relations in the United States.


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Samuel Robert Cassius (1853-1931) was born as a slave in Virginia and lived in Washington, D.C. during the Civil War. As an adult, he moved to Indiana where he heard the “Restoration plea” and obeyed the gospel. He spent most of his life living, working, and preaching in Oklahoma.

The Third Birth of a Nation was a response to the controversial film, Birth of a Nation. The book addressed the issue of race relations in the early twentieth century from the perspective of a former slave and gospel preacher. Cassius described the plight of those brought to the United States as slaves, the progress made by former slaves since their emancipation, as well as his views about how to deal with the racial tension present at that time. This material is valuable for its historical content and for the perspective offered on race relations as we continue to deal with such issues today.

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Type: Paperback, perfect bound
Page count: 146 pages
Dimensions: 6″ x 9″
ISBN: 978-1-942036-68-5


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