AUTHOR BUNDLE: Books by Tolbert Fanning


Books by Tolbert Fanning:

  • The Church of Christ
  • The True Method of Searching the Scriptures

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In The Church of Christ, Fanning addressed the issue of “church polity,” including the views among the denominations regarding their chosen form of church government. He articulated his view of the role of preachers and elders in the church today. His thought-provoking explanation of the organization of the church provides us with an opportunity to search the Scriptures and examine our understanding on this subject.

In The True Method of Searching the Scriptures, Fanning explained how the Bible teaches us about God, offered several rules for studying, and outlined the various divisions contained in the Scriptures. It was meant to provide a basic foundation for one learning how to read and understand the word of God. It remains a valuable resource today.