Leviticus Study Guide


Written by Andy Sochor

9-lesson study guide on the book of Leviticus.



This is the second edition of this book.

Plain Bible Study Guides are designed to help Christians engage in profitable studies of the Scriptures. The study guides include a straightforward explanation of the text and questions at the end of each lesson, making them useful for both individual and group Bible studies.

The Book of Leviticus

The overall theme of the book of Leviticus is holiness. To be holy is to be set apart for God’s purpose. The instructions about sacrifices, the priesthood, sin, cleanliness, and so on, were all based upon the idea of God’s people being holy as He is holy. Even though we are not living under the same law, there is much to learn from Leviticus. In it we see God’s expectations of holiness for His people and a foreshadowing of the perfect sacrifice of Christ.

Study Guide

9 lessons

Additional Information (Print Version):

Type: Paperback, perfect bound
Page count: 84 pages
Dimensions: 7″ x 10″
ISBN: 978-1-942036-70-8


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