Plain Sermons: A Volume of Twenty Discourses Offered to the Reader


Written by Daniel Sommer

Originally published in 1913, this book contains twenty sermons written by one of the more influential preachers in the Restoration Movement.

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Daniel Sommer (1850-1940) was one of the most influential and controversial preachers in Restoration history. His staunch opposition to instrumental music in worship and human institutions doing the work of the church helped lead to the division between the Disciples of Christ and the churches of Christ.

Plain Sermons was written after Sommer had accumulated forty years of preaching experience. The twenty discourses contained in this volume address such topics as evidences, authority, the church, unity, and more. Though they were written a hundred years ago, these sermons teach valuable lessons that are important for us to learn today.

This is a public domain work which was originally published in 1913.

Author’s Preface

Would you like to read a book of plain sermons? If so you will do well to read what is now offered to you. Plain truth set forth in plain sentences — This has been my purpose in preparing these sermons. Not an hour, nor even a minute, so far as I recollect, has been devoted to anything except PLAINNESS in my efforts to write these sermons.

The subjects discussed in these sermons are not the most ordinary. But they are such as I have thought would be the most beneficial to the reader in view of the efforts now made by many skeptics to produce doubt concerning the Bible. Benefit and not popularity, instruction and not entertainment — these are the ends that I have had before my mind while writing this book. I trust it will be carefully read by many thousands of inquirers for truth, and that its teachings will all be seriously considered by all its readers.

I have studied the Bible for over forty years, almost to the exclusion of every other book. And I have deferred offering a book of sermons to the public till I had completed my sixty-third year. This means that whatever the defects of these sermons may be they are not the result of haste. And I earnestly request that not one of its readers will reject any of its teachings through haste.

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