Why Am I Here?

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Written by Devin Roush

This book examines what the Bible teaches about our purpose in life and why we can trust the Bible to provide the answer.

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Why am I here?

All of us have asked this question. We search for meaning. We seek for a purpose. We want to have something worth living for.

How can we find it?

The Bible provides us with the answers we are seeking. It reveals where we came from, why we exist, and where we are going.

Can we trust the Bible?

The material in this short volume is designed to demonstrate the trustworthiness of the book we call the Bible and explain, in easy to understand language, what the Bible’s message is for us. It is filled with fascinating facts and questions to challenge your thinking. Have a Bible handy as you read and may God bless you in your search for the truth.

Additional Information:

Type: Paperback, perfect bound
Page count: 64 pages
Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″
ISBN: 978-1-942036-27-2

4 reviews for Why Am I Here?

  1. Jarrod Jacobs

    Bro. Roush has put together a very interesting book. For those wondering about the “evidences” for the Bible, you will be enlightened and helped in this area. He also spends time talking about how to be saved and the reason for salvation. I would recommend this book for new and mature Christians, as well as those not Christians but searching for answers.

  2. Tony Huntsman

    “Why Am I Here?” tackles the age of question old “What is the meaning of life?” Many scholars have searched far and wide for the answers to these questions. Brother Roush directs us to God’s word for the answer and challenges the reader to search for themselves offering many opportunities further examine scriptures along the way. He then gives us the evidences about WHY we can trust the Bible’s answer to the question. The book is set up in such a way that it is applicable for Biblical novices and scholars alike. If you are searching for a well written, easy to understand book that gives a much sought after answer to life’s greatest question… I would highly recommend “Why Am I Here?”

  3. Daniel Ruegg

    “Man who is born of a woman is few of days and full of trouble. He comes out like a flower and withers; he flees like a shadow and continues not,” Job 14:1-2. Life is short, and often so full of heartache and disappointment, that it leaves many wondering why they are here and what is their purpose. Devin’s book helps provide the answers and evidences from God’s Word which will lead the reader to the ultimate abundant life found only in Christ and equip them to be ready to give an answer concerning the hope within them to all others seeking meaning, purpose and hope as well. I highly recommend this book.

  4. Patrick Jones

    I’ll not try and add to what has already been said. I purchased several copies and used them in the High School class.

    Patrick Jones

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