Queries & Explications (Book 1)


Written by Larry Ray Hafley

This book contains articles answering a wide range of religious questions submitted to the author.

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Larry Ray Hafley has been one of the most prolific writers over the last half-century among preachers in churches of Christ. He writes with clarity and boldness as he defends the truth of the gospel and exposes the errors found in the religious world. All who read with an honest heart can benefit from his material.

Queries and Explications is Book 1 in what will be a series of brother Hafley’s writings. This volume contains articles in which the author examined various questions submitted to him, analyzing them in light of the Scriptures, and explaining the truth of God’s word on the various topics covered.

The topics addressed in the book include the “oneness” position, the Sabbath, the plan of salvation and Calvinism, musical instruments in worship, and more.

Additional Information:

Type: Hardback
Page count: 224 pages
Dimensions: 6″ x 9″
ISBN: 978-1-942036-61-6


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